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Name: Brian Moore

Instrument: Drums

DW Collector Series, Maple shells 18×22, 7×8, 8×10, 10×12, 12×14, 14×16
Chrome over brass 6×14 snare,
Zildian cymbals:
22″ K Custom dark ride
18″ A Custom crash
16″ K Custom dark crash
10″ A Custom splash
8″ K splash
13″ K Custom dark hats
18″ K China
Iron Cobra Power glide double bass pedal

Influences: David Crowder Band, Dave Mathews Band, Dream Theater, Muse,
Phish, Radiohead, Thomas Lang

Testimony: I was saved in 2000…I am not one of those people that knows the exact time and planetary alignment when I got saved. I just know that my life is a whole lot better with God writing the script than with me writing it.

Marital Status: I am married to Marisa and we have a son, Lucas Nathan. Side note: Phil and I were married on the same day, pretty cool huh…….not to each other of course but to our wives.

Occupation: I do whole house remodels and build custom homes

Hobbies: Drums of course, cars, woodworking

Currently watching: Battlestar Galactica, We dont have a TV but we borrowed the first season from a friend and we watch DVD’s on our computer….So I don’t ever really watch TV.

Currently reading: Bible, that’s it…..I don’t really like to read.

Currently listening: Project 86, Muse